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Trident Wholesale Pet Supplies Ltd (also referred to as “Trident”) strives to provide top quality service to customers (also referred to as “users” or “you”). As such, please take a moment to read thoroughly our Terms & Conditions page, as well as our Privacy Policy and any other terms and conditions that may appear within the website. As a valued customer when you browse, register or purchase from our website e-store, you accept the full legal responsibilities outlined in our Terms & Condition section.

Trident reserves the right to make changes to their site and its Terms & Conditions and any Policies that has been outlined on the website. It is the responsibility of the customer/user to make that they read and review these conditions each and every time they visit or purchase from our web store. Should a customer/user not agree with these conditions or terms, the customer/user simply need not use the website.

Disclaimer of Warranty

By using this site, it is agreed that Trident Wholesale Pet Supplies Ltd is not bound by warranty guarantees or promises regarding the products in the website. Upon agreeing to this disclaimer Trident does not warrant the use of the website will be free from errors, failure in connecting to website or logging in. Any damages that may occur to the user’s computer are at the soul risk of said user when they proceed to access the website. Trident does not warrant the validity, usefulness or correctness of information with regards to product, services shown on website and any educational documents that are listed there.

Limitation of Liability

Trident cannot be held liable for any issues that may arise from a user’s ability or inability to navigate and purchase product from Trident’s website. Trident will not be held liable for any errors that occur in content or product that exists on the website. While using this website, you agree to and acknowledge that this paragraph will apply to all products, website content and services listed. In any case where this liability is prohibited by Law, Trident will only be liable for up to the maximum extent permitted by law.

Users over the age of 13

Child safety is paramount to Trident. This site is designed and intended to be used by persons of 13 years or older. While Trident cannot stop a person under the age of 13 from visiting our website, we must rely on their parent of guardian (over the age of 18) to establish whether our content is suitable for the young individual. Trident will not, for any reason, willingly collect personal information from a child (under the age of 18). If this occurs, the parent or guardian should contact Trident right away and the situation and information will be dealt with. Trident only permits users over the age of 18 to create and maintain an account within the website.

Customer Account Rules

Trident reserves the right to cancel a customer’s retail or wholesale account at any time. Any existing orders that have been processed or charges that have been incurred are the sole responsibility of the user/customer at the time of the account termination. Trident also reserves the right to change, alter, update, discontinue, modify or suspend any or all aspects of the website without prior notice. Once an account has been terminated, the user/customer will have no further account access. A Notice of Termination will be sent via regular mail or via email.


By registering with Trident you agree to all the Terms & Conditions laid out here. You agree that you are the sole responsibility of your account and that your will keep your login and password secure. You also agree that Trident will have access to that account and can monitor it to make sure it falls in line with our Terms & Conditions policies. You must agree and check the Terms & Policies check box to create a user name & password. Trident will check and monitor Usernames to make sure there are no foul or abusive names, or copy write infringement in naming.

Accuracy Warning

Trident does offer limited information on website, along with links to our Vendors websites or other digital information. While this information is there to keep you informed and educated, it is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure your animals or provide an alternate to the professional care that is provided by a license Veterinarian. If you are concerned about the wellbeing of your pet, get in contact with your local Veterinary clinic or Animal Hospital.

Advertising Relationships/Website Links

Trident has been around for close to 30 years. Trident has a deep passion for pets and their health and safety is very important to us. We are pet parents too, and realize that providing the best service we can for your “fur baby” is critical. With that, Trident takes its reputation very seriously. We only support and provide high quality products and information that we believe in. Trident website does include links to various Vendors we represent or organizations that we are affiliated with. We receive no financial compensation from these vendors or organizations. They are simply additional links for you to browse and keep yourself informed on products or the organizations and charities that Trident is associated with.

Intellectual Property

All information, pictures, or logos within the website are the property of Trident or affiliated Vendors or organizations that we work with. All pictures, data, logos or content that belongs to our affiliated Vendors or Organizations has been used with their express permission. Nothing from this website is to be re-used without the approval of Trident or the Vendor/Organizations the content belongs to.

Copyright Infringement

Trident will always maintain the highest level of honesty and openness when it comes to content and issues of copyright. If it’s suspected that there is copyright infringement on our website, we will take action immediately, be it the removal of the content completely, a change to the content or obtaining the permission of the originator. If you feel that something is in copyright violation on our site, please contact us immediately via email or mail-in document. Please make sure to include your Name, Address, Phone numbers, Email, proof that the content is yours and that you are the originator of it, and a brief description of what actions you are looking to take and what actions you want us to do. Trident will do it’s very best to accommodate the individual whose claiming the copyright content, and try to resolve the issue as quickly as possible

Payment Policy

Trident accepts Visa and MasterCard major credit cards for e-commerce purchases on our website. Payments are due at the time of purchase. At that time, the payment will be processed and the card used will be charged. Should there be any issues with the order made, the customer will be contacted, and Trident will discuss a course of action to complete or correct that issue.

Visit our Return Policy to see all the details on customer returns.

Pricing & Sales Tax

Trident reserves the right to change, alter, increase or decrease the pricing on any and all products on our website. Prices or promos could vary between the website and Trident retail store. Trident supplies products all across Canada. Each province in Canada has its own tax on purchases and Trident will collect accordingly. Sales taxes based on your provincial location (as per your ship-to address & billing address) will be added to your order at checkout.

Shipping Policy

Please visit Trident’s Shipping Policy for all the details.

Return Policy

Please visit Trident’s Return Policy for all the details.

Notification of Change

Trident reserves the right to make any changes to its website and content at any time. It is the responsibility of the user to check and stay “up-to-date” with this website and its content, Policies and Terms & Conditions. Changes that may occur with users/customers’ accounts will have the notifications prior to those changes going into place. Changes to Policies will be posted 30 days prior to when they will take effect, except in some cases when Trident feels that these updated or new policies should go live right away. It is advisable for users to stay “current” regarding these policies.

Governing Law

This e-commerce website follows all the rules and policies put in place for selling products in Canada.

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