Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Trident Wholesale Pet Supplies Ltd (also referred to as “Trident”) values the privacy of its customers that make use of our website. This Privacy Policy will outline what type of information is collected by Trident, how information is stored and protected, and how that information is distributed.

Collection of Personal Information and Distribution

Trident Wholesale Pet Supplies Ltd. (Trident) will not collect any Personal Identifiable Information (such as name, address, age, etc.) without the express permission of the individual. Should an individual give Trident this personal information, it will be stored and could be used by Trident to contact them. Trident will, under no circumstances, sell or give your personal information to any third-party companies that may use it for marketing or solicitations. The personal information collected by Trident is only to help maintain the relationship that exists between the individual and Trident. If an unlikely situation arises, Trident may be involuntarily required (under law) to hand over Personal Information to a Government or Third Party.

How Personal Information is Stored

Trident Wholesale Pet Supplies Ltd (Trident) knows that keeping Personal Information safe and secure is paramount. However, Trident cannot guarantee that some external group may interrupt your personal information illegally. Should this happen, Trident will contact you and clarify what has happened.

As stated in our Terms & Conditions, Trident website is for use by individuals over the age of 13. However, Trident will not collect or hold personal information for anyone under the age of 18. If an individual or child does contact us with personal information, a Parent or Guardian should reach out to Trident using our contact information below.

If you wish to update your Personal Information, discontinue receiving communication from Trident, or have your information removed from our system completely, you may reach us at the contact information below.


Internet security is paramount for keeping your personal information safe. And while Trident tries to maintain the highest level of security it can, not data transmission online are 100% secured. To that end, Trident neither guarantees nor warrants the security of your Personal Information.

Contact Information

Trident Wholesale Pet Supplies Ltd.

10481 169 St.

Edmonton, AB

T5P 4Y7

Ph# (780) 451-3432

Fax# (780) 481-7910